Your next chapter awaits with possibility, aplenty

Your next chapter awaits with possibility, aplenty.

Inspired by Kirli Saunders' poem, our National Conference theme looks towards the future with hope and optimism. Since the last National Conference in Adelaide, the world has undergone enormous change. We see a world imbued with anxiety and we struggle to remember when educators were more stressed. Yet, it is precisely within this context that we see a world brimming with possibility, aplenty.

New Chapter – Kirli Saunders

Cut ties
And free fall
Into this new book smell - 

Your next chapter awaits
With possibility, aplenty 

In this taintless space,
You are the cultivator,
The artist
The narrator. 

With heart and
Mind alight go
Forth, and


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Our current work as English and literacy educators, scholars and policy makers is imbued with possibility, and also paradox. We see the possibilities for using new technological advances while also viewing the digital with caution. We see plentiful interest in how our classrooms can be interwoven with multiple languages, knowledges and perspectives while, in other spaces, a narrow view of what counts in English persists. We have a strong tradition of using literature to examine how we narrate the world and to engage in complex issues and yet we also see how these studies can be limited by policies which restrict opportunities for exploration and debate.

It is within these contexts and possibilities that the following chapters (sub-themes) are presented:

Possibilities: Innovative ways of interacting with the world.

Narratives: Multiple and interwoven ways of knowing the world.

Cultivations: Past, present, and future ways of creating the world.

Encouraged by the words of the poem, we invite you to attend the 2024 AATE/ALEA National Conference in Adelaide and to consider how you may act as cultivators, artists and narrators of new chapters. How will possibilities be generated for our students? For our practice? What will the next chapter(s) be?  Who will write them?

Conference Video

Produced by Amy Farndale, Caroline Man & Jill Colton 
Edited by Eleni Tzanos
Narration by Christina Farndale Mujema
Animation by Francis Pedrezuela
Thanks to Gunay Aghayeva and Sarah Forrest and families for additional footage 

Conference Committee

Sarah McDonald, SAETA President, Co-convenor

Frankie Roberts, ALEA (SA) State Director, Co-convenor

Jill Colton, ALEA (SA) President, Co-convenor


Kylie Ryan (Vice-President), Hellen Portellos (Treasurer), Jacky Hiscock (Secretary), Alison Robertson (AATE & SAETA Past President), Paul Bradley, Alice Duddy, Sarah Forrest, Melissa Loy, Briony Monahan, Morgan Rigby, Ellie Stamelos, Christian Stamatelopoulos, Christine Thompson, Kelly Warner, Dylan Widdop, Georgia Zientara, Tracey Dorian, Michael Kulesza, Tracey Corrigan, Jodie Papadopoulis and Lisa Pothoven.



Giselle Pulford (Vice-President), Rachel Bishop (Treasurer), Kathleen Melis (Secretary), Amy Farndale, Gunay Aghayeva, Emma West, Therese Lovett

We look forward to seeing you in Adelaide!

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